Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Blogging Experience

I personally had a lot of fun with this project. It really opened my eyes to the world of online blogging. Although I was a first time blogger, I found it to be very easy to get started.

Doing the research for this project was such an amazing learning tool. Had we not done this project I don’t think I would be knowledgeable about this topic at all. I really enjoyed the last module where we researched information blogs vs vanity blogs. I found it so interested especially looking at the vanity blogs and what people had to say. But I learned the most when we had to research blogs for businesses. Among all of the careers I see myself having, I do hope to own my own clothing boutique someday. This particular post helped me get ideas for a business blog of my own for the future.

Because this is an online class I do feel that any hands on experience we can get is very beneficial. I think this project really engaged us in the subject of blogs and journalism.

In the end I stick by my original thesis that blogging has significantly impacted the print journalism of today. With all of the research I have done, I would give it a 5 saying that it strongly supported my thesis.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vanity vs. Info

While researching personal or “vanity” blogs, I came across the website live journal. Live journal is the epitome of vanity blogs. I looked at the user principessar’s blog, which solely had to do with her feelings and what has been going on in her life. The most current blog of hers had to do with her worrying about grad school and then it went on to give a recap of the events that happened the last week or so…and let me tell you a lot went on!

I absolutely love to travel and I love Italy, so when researching information blogs I came across the blog Wandering Italy. This information blog had had people’s opinions on al dente pasta as well as one about a man who dumped paint in Rome’s Trevi Fountain. Although these blogs aren’t “vanity” they still have to do a lot with people’s opinions on certain subjects.

I think the key to a good info blog is knowledge of the subject! If you don’t know what you are writing about, don’t write it, or learn about it. When it comes to vanity blogs it’s not that hard to make a good one. If a vanity blog is all about the person who is writing it then you can’t really go wrong.

I still think that blogging supports journalism so i would rate this research material as a 4, and I wouldn't changed my thesis.

Here are the links to the two websites

Vanity blog:
Information blog:

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ezine vs. Blog

I personally don't think there is anything to compare and contrast with e-zines and blogs. I think they are separate entities that compliment each other. Although online, the e-zine I found The Spire: CFC’s Electronic Magazine still served a real magazine purpose. What was written I consider to be like any other magazine article, where as the current event blog I found called Global Voices was filled with different blogs with peoples opinions on certain world events. And really the huge difference is that the ezine I found has many different sections like a print magazine. Because I think that the ezine I found was like a print magazine, I think that it was more professional than a blog. However I thought that the blog was more effective, but I think that’s because I am becoming more interested in world current events. They did not cover the same current events at all, the blog I found was about world current affairs, where as the ezine covered local and national current events. I don’t necessarily think that a print magazine or newspaper is more credible. For each entity I think that the person writing it is what makes it credible, not if it’s in print or online.

I still think that my research material supports how I felt in my original post. I would rate it on a scale of 5, probably a 4.5 (between, somewhat supports my thesis and strongly supports my thesis).

These are the two websites I used:


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Blogs for Business

I found a blog by author Stephanie Klein which interested me. She used her blog to self-market herself and her books as well as give a personal look into her life. I think that this is such a great marketing tool for author's such Stephanie along with entrepreneur's and already established business owners.

In an article I found on it said, "Blogs are a powerful tool for marketing and promotion. Because the entries are short, and often full of links, they are more keyword heavy than standard articles often are. Plus, being short, they are easy for your customers to read (and you to write), so they are more likely to come back daily to see what you might have to say on that day." It then goes into giving examples to business owners about different things they can talk about on blogs such as promotions, what's coming etc.

On I found an article about an entrepreneur Dennis Woo who owns an online dvd rental company, who let one of his only 10 employees start a blog for the company. Although he wasn't sure at first, now two and half years later his companies sales have doubled and he has about 80,000 visitors to his blog each month. This just proves how blogs can be great self-marketing for entrepreneur's.

Entrepreneur's also have other options for marketing themselves, such as setting up a website, advertising in local newspapers and magazines, sending flyers out in the mail. I feel as though blogs really gives a great personal touch, and customers and clients can feel like they really get to know you. If it were my business, I would use blogs as well as maybe some of these methods together to market my business.

I think that the research I found somewhat supports my thesis in my first module. After doing this second moduleI would still keep my original thesis.

First Impressions of a new blogger

My name is Kristen; I am a 21-year-old college student majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Italian. I started this blog for a five week project in my media and society class at College of the Canyons. I am a first time blogger, so I am interested to see where this goes!

Before I started this class, I never really thought that much about blogs. I know I have some friends who post blogs on myspace but now that I have done more research I have realized how popular blogging has become. Blogging for some is used almost as a web based diary but for others it is used to communicate about current events all around the world. An internet search engine Technorati up to this September has tracked around 106 million blogs!

For better or worse I do believe that blogging has significantly impacted the print journalism industry. I must admit I do think it is hard to decipher which blogs use credible research and sources, and those that are simply opinions of what people think.

Here are some internet sources I used: